If I click the "hyperlinked related list title with count" on the Order Items related list on my Order page / layout,

Then it navigates to a default list of Order Items.

How can I add/remove fields for this list?

I have tried creating and assigning a new compact layout as I've seen suggested elsewhere but this does not work. Search layouts are not available for Order Item...

The list I want to add fields to

For more context,

Where I'm navigating from:

Where I'm navigating from

An Aside:

If I examine the http call from the refreshing the listview in question, in the JSON payload I can see:

  • Because there are a lot of "special cases" around Order and Opportunity products and I had been concerned that I was running into one of those but thankfully it turned out to be ignorance :-)
    – RobD
    Jan 12, 2023 at 12:50

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I was able to solve this by editing the fields that were specified on the related list configuration, on the parent / Order layout.

Turns out that this was easily solved. I expect that this behaviour follows throughout Salesforce. I.e. when you click the link on a related list on a page layout, that the full list which is displayed then has the same fields as were applied on the "source layout"

This is what happens when developers try to admin!

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