We have standard activities component on record page. The UI for that component is as below for scratch org which does not yet have Spring 23 release:

enter image description here

As salesforce spring 23 release coming we have our product setup on pre release org. The activity standard component is being displayed as below:

enter image description here

I was having challenges understanding what might be causing this change as we are using standard salesforce component on record page. Anyone got any information or suggestion around this.


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You can edit the activities timeline component on the lighting record page. There is a checkbox "use tabbed activity view", which restores the old UI.

  • And you have to do this everywhere you use the Activities component. Jan 23, 2023 at 15:23

As per Spring '23 release notes this is expected behaviour. This is related to Dynamic activity composer which gives reps activities at the click of a button and offers more choices than the tabbed activity composer.

I did not find any information related to disabling this feature at this moment. I will update this thread if I find any.

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