We have a custom LWC Login page under an experience builder site, which uses a custom apex controller and site.login method to authenticate the user.

Apex Authentication code :

ApexPages.PageReference pageRef = Site.login(username, password, startUrl);

        if(pageRef != null){
         return pageRef.getUrl();

After the user is authenticated, pageRef is sent back to LWC as string with session.

In LWC, I need to navigate user to home page after logging in, but navigationMixin is opening the URL is new tab instead of refreshing current page.

LWC Code to Navigate:

navigateToWebPage(url) {
        "type": "standard__webPage",
        "attributes": {
            "url": url

I also tried window.location.href but that does not navigate the user at all.

How do I redirect the user to the home page after they are authenticated with session in Experience cloud LWC?

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If your LWC is headless then you can use invoke() method like below

@api invoke(){
  window.location.href = url   //your url value
  • Navigating the user to the homepage after login does not sound headless to me. So while this may be an answer to a question, I don't think that this answers this question.
    – Derek F
    Jan 5 at 15:10
  • @DerekF correct, this won't work. I tried navigationMixin as well but that always opens the page in new tab and doesn't redirect user. Jan 5 at 16:43

There are different types of pages in Salesforce.

  • recordPage - standard__recordPage
  • objectPage - standard__objectPage
  • for URL - standard__webPage home page, chatter or any standard/custom pages - standard__namedPage
  • and many more...

Please update your code with below

            type: 'standard__namedPage',
            attributes: {
                pageName: 'home' // add apiname of page

enter image description here

Refer below article for more information - https://mukulmahawariya11.medium.com/navigation-in-salesforce-communities-ad6838488166

  • Thank you, I tried but it gives error a preNavigate hook listener blocked and as this is a page within experience cloud, I added comm__namedPage instead of standard. Jan 5 at 16:42
  • can you tell did it worked or not? Jan 6 at 5:27
  • it did not, as I mentioned it gives that hook listener error and it cannot be standard since the Home page is within community. Jan 6 at 15:01

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