I need to create a field on DatedConversionRate object (advanced currency management object). The object is missing in the Object Manager, so I can not create the field via the UI.

I am not able to retrieve the object via Salesforce DX, so I created a new folder for the object manually and tried to deploy the field:

force-app\main\default\objects\DatedConversionRate\fields\ConversionRate__c.field-meta.xml Cannot add custom fields to entity: DatedConversionRate (165:13)

Is there any other way how to do this, for example using Tooling or Metadata API?

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Not all standard objects support creating custom fields. DatedConversionRate is not customizable which means it does not support creating a custom field on it. You'll always be prevented from creating a custom field with that error message you got through your attempt

Cannot add custom fields to entity: DatedConversionRate

EntityDefintion has this field, isCustomizable, which lets you know when a standard object supports custom fields or not.

If true, custom fields can be defined for the object.

You can get this info quickly through a query in the Tooling API

SELECT IsCustomizable,DeveloperName FROM EntityDefinition WHERE DeveloperName = 'DatedConversionRate'

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