I am trying to authorize my sandbox org from vs code > After logging in with my credentials, I keep on seeing this output from the browser which I Quoted below

"Unexpected end of JSON input

This is most likely not an error with the Salesforce CLI. Please ensure all information is accurate and try again"

enter image description here

Attempted Solutions:

  1. Tried logging in from diffrent Browsers
  2. Yes i am logging in from url that has https://xxx-nzahorg-zxc--cscdev.my.salesforce.com - mydomian

It would be very helpful for me when someone solved this issue !

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Just to verify I would do this:

  • Log in from test.salesforce.com.
  • Delete expired keys (sfdx force:org:list –clean)
  • Delete entries for that org in the ~/.sfdx files

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