I am running into an issue when displaying the Campaigns related list on an account page. If I add a Account as a campaign member (i.e. Type field on the CampaignMember record = "Account"), the campaign does not show up as a related list on the account.

However, if I add a contact from that account to the campaign, the campaign does show in the related list.

Is this the expected behaviour? Is there any configuration or options to display Campaigns on the Account page when the Account is added directly as a campaign member?

As a side note, I notice if I add the account as a contactmember, an entry in the "Campaign History" related list is displayed. I'm a bit confused on when I should be using Campaign History vs Campaign related lists on the account and if there is a distinct difference.

The goal is to show all campaigns that the account is involved with on the account page.

Any help is appreciated.


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Campaign is just related list in the account page layout and always campaign are related to either Lead or Contact objects.

Refer the Reveal Relationships Between Accounts and Campaigns


Represents the association between a campaign and either a lead or a contact.

Refer the CampaignMember

  • I'm more confused now, because Campaign members can be expanded to relate to an account as well. Refer to documentation here: help.salesforce.com/s/… This would be most direct relationship between an Account and a Campaign and I would expect to see this in the related list. Commented Jan 10, 2023 at 21:37

I would request you to please go through the below article.


This article should resolve some or all of your doubts.

Regards Neeraj

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