I am using marketing cloud APIs to create an email and a data extension to send email to. The subscriber key is user id from the application and we also have email id against each user id. I would like to send the email to some seed email addresses as well. The seed email address do not belong to app users and therefore do not have a user id. How can I send an email to these seed email address when I send email to users in data extension?

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For subscribers who don’t have a subscriber key / user id, use their email addresses as their subscriber key, eg.

subscriber 1: 
email: [email protected]
subscriber key: 12345

subscriber 2:
email: [email protected]
subscriber key: [email protected]

Alternatively, if the system you are using for sending subscribers via API allows it, you could generate a guid to use as subscriber key / user id for users who don’t already have it.

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