we have a custom object called "Request". This has a master detail relationship with the opportunity object (we call it a grant and it is a record type on the opportunity object).

When you create a Request you can associate it with multiple grants. Our grants have long names and our team has quested me with finding out how when you are adding a Grant to a Request how you can make the search box larger.

Here is an image on adding a Grant to a Request. We want the Search box to be wider so it shows more of the title of the Grant:

enter image description here

How does one do this?

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As you're using a standard record creation screen, you'll have to update your page layout to change that width. It looks like you've got a two column layout right now, but you can change that to be 1-column the lookup with display full width.

Section Properties for Page Layout

If you only want that one field to be full width, you'll need to add a new section in your page layout for just that field. Hope this helps!

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