We are migrating from Urban Airship to Salesforce MobilePush.

I am using react-native-marketingcloudsdk, when I am sending push notification, the AppIcon Badge counts are not getting increment, also when I tap the notification it's not getting decrement. Please help me on this, we have to go live by this week.

It's keeps showing 1 as badge, even when I uninstall and re-install it's remain same.

Also in Salesforce Cloud > Mobile Push, it's not showing opened status for iOS.

Please find below ticket for my AppDelegate.m and AppDelegate.h sfmc_handleURL is not working for iOS with react-native-marketingcloudsdk

We have enabled Badging in MobilePush enter image description here

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You should have inbox enabled to have the badge count incremented and badge count is increased for inbox , Alert +inbox messages only.

Consuming application can override the badging set by SDK as well.

Below document explains on badging:



Thanks Prakashini

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