We enabled notes in setup. Most objects have "Notes" in the related list. However, it is missing for PersonEducation.

From the documentation, LinkedEntityId in ContentDocumentLink does support the PersonEducation object. I used "New Note" action and was able to create a Note on the PersonEducation record. However, I can't see it on the screen because I don't have a related list.

I also did a SOQL query to make sure the note I created is actually saved to ContentNote and it did.

Any ideas on how to enable the "Notes" related list for this object?

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You won't be able to. It's something that isn't added to the layout items available for this object (PersonEducation) internally. You can see a similar known issue for Health Cloud objects (including PersonEducation) that were missing other standard related lists.

Your best bet is to put in a support case in hopes to create a known issue and help prioritize that change being done.

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