I wonder if we have another way to create test class if we don't annotate with (SeeAllData=true).

Here, my SOQL to retrieve a list of ContentDocument have been created more than 7 days. That means we cannot use Date.newInstance() to set value for Created Date field.

My solution: Because we cannot modified Created Date so I use (SeeAllData=true). My code got covered 100%. But without it, it cannot cover anything.

My Batchable & Schedulable Class

public class deleteFileScheduler implements Database.Batchable<sObject>, Schedulable {

    public Database.QueryLocator start(Database.BatchableContext context){
        return Database.getQueryLocator([SELECT Id, Title, CreatedDate,contentSize
                                         FROM ContentDocument
                                         WHERE (Title Like 'Rp%' OR Title Like 'PDF%')
                                         AND CreatedDate < N_DAYS_AGO:7
    public void execute(Database.BatchableContext context, List<SObject> ContentDocument 
        delete ContentDocument;
    public void finish(Database.BatchableContext BC){}
    public void execute(SchedulableContext sc){

Test Class - Corverage 100% but annotate with (SeeAllData=true)

public class deleteFileSchedulerTest {
    public static void deleteFileSchedulerTest(){
        String CRON_EXP = '0 0 4 * * ?';
        List<ContentDocument> docs = [SELECT Id, Title, CreatedDate, contentSize
                                      FROM ContentDocument
                                      WHERE (Title Like 'Rp%' OR Title Like 'PDF%')
                                      AND CreatedDate < N_DAYS_AGO:7];

        deleteFileScheduler deleteFile = new deleteFileScheduler();
        System.schedule('testschedule', '0 0 4 * * ?', new deleteFileScheduler());
        System.assertEquals(200, docs.size());

Thank you so much.

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Use Test.setCreatedDate after inserting your record(s) to set the desired created date. Note that this specifically does not work with SeeAllData=true and cannot be used on records that were not created in that unit test.

  • Thank you so much for your solution
    – Pam
    Dec 5, 2022 at 13:38

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