Does anyone know how make the output of Flexcards/Dataraptor visible to the other profiles? I created a flexcard and Dataraptor and added it to the record page but the output is only visible to the System Administrator and not to the other profiles. Is there a permission or access needs to modify? anyhelp is appreciated.

Thanks in Advance!.

System Administrator enter image description here

Standard User enter image description here

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    Nov 25, 2022 at 16:10

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Dataraptors execute in user context, so you need to grant the user the following access needed to retrieve the data displayed in the Flexcard:

  • object level access (CRUD, FLS)
  • the record level access (OWD, Sharing Rules etc.)

Since your System Administrator has access to all objects and data, the Flexcard result is displayed. Conversely, your standard user does not have the necessary access to objects and data used in your DR, and thus can not see the result.

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