I have a Global Action to create a new Event record, and I would like to be able to specify (or preselect) that the Related To lookup field (WhatId) should be Account. When this action is launched from the global actions icon (+), it defaults the Related To lookup to the object that is alphabetically first (Accomplishments). GLobal Action But when the same action is added to an Account page layout, the same field defaults to the Account object. Global action from account page

Is there any way I can have the Global Action "predefined" to use the Account object in the Related To (WhatId) field?

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You can't directly coerce the Related To to be a specific SObject Type for a Global Action

What you could do is remove Related To from the Global Action layout and replace it with a custom lookup field to Account.

Then, use a before save flow to move (i.e. copy and clear the copy source) the custom field to Event.WhatId

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