I am getting one issue in my Analytics Dashboard. The percentage calculations are going beyond 100 (the result is coming as 34,795.04%). I want to debug the SAQL. Enable SAQL Logs in the Browser I have tried the above solution but I am not able to enable the logs.

Can you guys please help me how can I get the debug logs in Analytics?


Nirav Shah

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You can use Dashboard Inspector to get the SAQL queries instead. Below are the steps to use Dashboard Inspector to see a SAQL query.

  1. Put the Dashboard in View Mode (not Edit mode)

  2. Click the [...] icon beside the save button and select 'Dashboard Inspector'

  3. Select the Step which contains the SAQL query

  4. Click the icon which looks like a piece of paper to view the SAQL query for that step.

Also check details on debugging Einstein Analytics here.

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