Recently, I have a request to setting the Opportunity OwnerID in the Salesforce List View.
Salesforce seem do not allow us setting exactly Opportunity OwnerID because this field is invisible when I choose the display fields.
I known that we can setting the similar fields as Owner Firstname, Owner Lastname, Owner Full Name, Owner Alias or even create a formula field for solving this.
But I have some confused need your help.

  1. If that's an official feature, I want to know more detail about it. It's would be nice if we found some documentation. Could you help me to point it out?

  2. Incase I'm using the Owner Full Name, When retrieve Opportunity.object.xml
    I see some reference to CORE.USER.XXX. I wonder if that's way Salesforce List View refer and get information from object User.
    I tried but still didn't get any documentation about it.

Thank all and have a nice day.


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