Having an issue that has just started today out of nowhere

We have dashboards for various things, all working lovely, but if anything (Account/Opportunity/User etc) is opened in a new tab it says URL No Longer Exists. Same tab, works fine.

What I have noticed is the link itself is company.lightning.force.com/s/detail/{accountID}, which works when opened in the same tab. If opened in a new tab, it goes to company.my.salesforce.com/s/detail/{accountID} which returns URL No Longer Exists in classic.

Turn Off Salesforce Classic for Your Org switched on in Lightning Experience Transition Assistant, I've also spun up a sandbox to see if the enhanced domains would be an issue, and same in there...

Also thought this might be a browser issue, but I have tried it in Vivaldi in W11, and Firefox in Linux, same thing happens.

No issue in Lists or Reports, just Dashboards using standard objects.

I hope I explainned that okay!

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    I was able to replicate this behavior in my dev org. While I investigate, can you confirm if you are using "Lightning Table" as the dashboard component? Thanks
    – Swetha
    Nov 18, 2022 at 11:48
  • Hey Swetha, yes I am. Nov 20, 2022 at 21:11

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Turns out this is a known issue.


No idea why it just started happening, but should apparently be sorted come this winter update.

Thanks Swetha for giving this a go, Salesforce is just being Salesforce...

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