I'm deploying some changes to an existing Experience. For the Network metadata, I get this error

Image optimization is available only for sites that use Salesforce's CDN for Digital Experiences

This error did not occur when deploying from dev - > integration -> staging; only from staging -> PROD

If I look at the XML in the source org (actually the source branch corresponding to Staging org), I see:


How do I resolve this error in the deployment to PROD?

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The metadata item <enableImageOptimizationCDN>true</enableImageOptimizationCDN> was added in V56 of the MDAPI for metadata type Network.

Per the CDN doc, Salesforce CDN is auto-enabled for orgs with enhanced domains enabled. Well, my dev, integration, and staging orgs have been auto-enabled for Enhanced Domains as of Winter 23 but the PROD org is not yet on Enhanced Domains.

This means one has four choices:

  1. Setup SFDC CDN in PROD
  2. Do the deployment at V55 or earlier as the enableImageOptimization was added in V56
  3. Coerce via PR the environment/promotion branches to change the setting to false and deploy again at V56. Once PROD is enabled for Enhanced Domains, then revert VCS branch(es) back to <enableImageOptimizationCDN>true</enableImageOptimizationCDN>. If done in the promotion branch, VCS can still represent what is in the org during the interim period. The main branch can be refreshed in v57 when Enhanced Domains take effect in all orgs (unless postponed via opt-out)
  4. Don't deploy the Network metadata at all - this works for updates to existing Experiences where the delta in XML for Network between your source org and PROD org may be irrelevant

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