We have a 3rd party system which updates records in our salesforce org on a daily basis. Is there a way to check if this system is using Rest API or Bulk API? The developer mentioned it runs on Roby using Restforce, from the name it sounds like it's Rest but I have to make sure.

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I don't see any mention of the bulk API in the documentation or obviously in the code.

Post your question here https://github.com/restforce/restforce/issues for an answer from the community that works on Restforce.


If you have Event Monitoring licensed, you can see API calls for a given time range and various other fields per the Event Monitoring record types:

For example, you can filter based on UserId, Timestamp, or ClientIp to help ascertain what you are receiving. The Event Monitoring license comes with a free Event Monitoring App (Built on Salesforce CRM) with instantly useful drill-down dashboards

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