I want to roll back apex class updates which I deployed via change set.

Is there a way where I can revert the Inbound Changes sets from production?

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No, there is not.

There is this idea for it, and it's 10 years old, so Salesforce might actually look at it at some time in the next decade, maybe.

Your only recourse for now is to hope you have a copy of this code either backed up/stored locally, in version control, or in another sandbox, and then do another set of deployments to re-deploy the old code.

If you haven't gotten version control (e.g. Git) and Salesforce DX set up yet, now would be a fine time to do so. Being able to see and revert changes is one of the things version control is good for. Version control alone won't let you revert changes in Salesforce, so that's where Salesforce DX (i.e. the Salesforce CLI) comes into play (in that it allows you to deploy the code you have, locally, to your sandboxes and/or production instance).


An alternative answer is to use one of the highly regarded devops vendor packages like Gearset or Copado that include built-in rollback for any deployment.

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