Can someone explain how multiple device id are linked to the same contact Key? That is how the device id's are generated. In my current Org, I have a Contact where it has 5 different deviceid and whenever we send out the notification, 3 of them receive it and the other two - 1 one is opted out and the other one gets errored out.

Can you explain how & when these device ids are getting generated for the same contact key?

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A deviceId is a randomly generated UUID created at the time the SDK is first initialized. It is common for users, especially developers who install/uninstall frequently, to have multiple devices associated to their contact.

The deviceId will remain static except in the case where the user clears local data, factory resets their device, or obviously, when they uninstall the application.

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    Thank You, @Bill Mote Nov 14, 2022 at 8:55

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