We want to set a Bonus Product promotion in Commerce Cloud. The promotion is set up where an order with Amount of Qualifying Products, the discount is Buy 0.01 or More and Get Bonus Product(s) XXXXX. Nothing is excluded, there are no qualifying products, no payment methods. Exclusivity is set to NO( Can be combined with any promotion). The discount is managed by a campaign with no start or end date. The qualifier is a coupon code with no redemption limits to be used by a customer service representative.

When testing, I am receiving the error "Your shopping cart cannot be ordered since one or more of the products in your cart are not available in the requested quantity. Please check availability for each product." I tried a different sku and did not receive the error, so it is an issue with the sku specifically. The sku is set to in-stock.

Any help pointing me in the right direction is appreciated, thank you.


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