I am setting up Omni-Channel and I have two picklist fields "Status" and "Department" in a custom object where when certain values are selected it should remove the work item from the user's workload. However, with Status Based Capacity Model, I can only use one field.

I look into adding the second field by accessing the Agentwork object in a Flow and updating the Status but according to the SF Guide:

While the metadata for AgentWork indicates support for upsert() and update(), these calls aren’t used with AgentWork because none of its fields can be updated.

Is this another way I can set to update the Status of the work to close the work?

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You could create a third field, perhaps hidden, with values open/closed, map status-based capacity to it, and then use automation of some form to set the values of it based upon the logic that you want on your multiple fields.

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