I've enabled Experience in my Developer Edition org. Created a site using LWR framework. Enabled "ExperienceBundle Metadata API" option. Site is published/active/etc.

When I attempt to retrieve from IDE, I am unable to pull down the ExperienceBundle. It appears in the metadata subscription, but actual retrieval fails. The "experience" is the same in IntelliJ & VS Code.

The below is returned in VS Code when retrieving package.xml and/or using OrgBrowser to insert.

enter image description here

Any ideas as to what I am doing wrong?

update this issue isn't present in my older Developer Edition org's! just on recent DE and scratch org's.

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I suggest you check if the metadata you want is the DigitalExperienceBundle (documentation) because it might be the Enhanced LWR site you have created.

I also suggest you review this documentation that can clarify more details on differences between different sites and Metadata.

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