What exactly triggers a record to be Synchronised using Synchronised Data Extensions?

When updating a few hundred Account records in Salesforce Core using a bulk file import using Workbench, this didn't update to the synchronised object in Salesforce Marketing Cloud automatically.

A complete Account object resync worked, so now we're curious about what exactly triggers a record to be synced in SFMC.

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I'll share what I've learned even though I'm sure there is more to it than this.

In a few words, I've found that a change in LastModifiedDate field is what triggers an update. But, you need to keep in mind that this field is not updated when a change occurs on a Formula field.

Formula fields contained in Synchronized Data Sources update only when an update for another field on the object occurs. Formula fields don’t trigger a change to an object or update last modified date fields. When an update occurs, all synchronized formula fields for that object evaluate and update as necessary.

I've also faced some weird behaviour on some projects, I'll let you check this question I've asked before: Data inconsistency between SFMC and Sales Cloud. It does not surprise me at all that data still do not get synced with SFMC even if it theoretically should.

Reference: https://help.salesforce.com/s/articleView?id=sf.mc_co_implement_synchronized_data_sources_best_practices.htm&type=5

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