I have a requirement, where I have to make custom field enable and disable on the basis of a chosen value of a Picklist field.

I have Picklist field Pricing_Option__c which has 3 values : Lowest Doscount, Specific Discount, and Highest Discount.

There is another field : Specific_Discount__c (Datatype Percent)

My requirement is : Specific_Discount__c will always be disabled, unless Pricing_Option__c = "Specific Discount"

What I have done :

I can make the Specific_Discount__c field enable and disable based on value of Pricing_Option__c.

But I want Specific_Discount__c would be enabled and disabled as soon as we change the picklist value,

Is there something we can do with <apex:inputField /> onChange attribute


Refer this post that explains how to show/hide a field based on picklist modification. You can make some changes to change the behaviour to enable/ disable instead of show/hide.

Use the

<apex:actionSupport event="onchange" reRender="xxx"  /> 

Make sure to chose the rRender scope/ actionRegion correctly so that it includes the custom field that you want to disable.

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