I am trying to maintain my administrator certification spring 22 and in the challenge section I have created a restriction rule as per the instructions, but I can't seem to activate the rule. It gives the following error

You reached the active restriction rule limit. To make this restriction rule active, first delete or deactivate one.

I only have one restriction rule on task object which I created as part the challenge in my trailhead org. I have turned off Salesforce Classic for your org to rule out that issue possiblity as well but to no avail.

  • Hi, did you check this point "only one restriction rule at most can have the User Criteria field evaluate to true for a given user." for an object Oct 10, 2022 at 11:07
  • Yea, as mentioned I only have one restriction rule and that has user criteria. Thats the only one.
    – Mahmood
    Oct 10, 2022 at 11:10

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Yeah, I was facing the same issue. In dev orgs, if you look at the limit allowed, it says 0 out of 0 active rules. This implies that you cannot create any restriction rules.

So I created a playground org for this and the limit was 0 out of 2 active rules which allowed me to create an active rule and complete the challenge.


I don't exactly know the reason but creating a new playground org and completing the challenge there did the trick.


Perhaps older playgrounds did not upgrade to Spring '23 and so the limit for them is zero. That could be why a new playground solves this issue.

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