Where to enable auto-completion for Visualforce code in Eclipse?

I am using Force.com IDE as Eclipse plugin. Some time ago auto-completion used to work fine when coding a Visualforce page. Now it does not work and I can't find where to enable it again.

Versions: Force.com IDE: 30; Eclipse Java EE IDE for Web Developers: Kepler Service Release 2

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The auto-complete feature for the Visualforce code is not currently supported by the force.com IDE. However there is an Idea on the IdeaExchange: IDE: Autocomplete for Apex and Visualforce code

Alternative you can use an eclipse plugin Rich Visualforce Editor which have VisualForce tag and attribute assistance or just use a Developer Console that supports it as well.

  • Thanks for the info, mast0r. I was 100% sure I used Visualforce auto-completion before. That's strange. I'll try Rich Visualforce editor.
    – justasd
    Commented Jun 4, 2014 at 12:20

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