So, I am developing a record triggered flow that will create or delete campaign members depending on the status of 5 custom checkboxes in the Lead object, so, when the checkboxes are ticked or unticked, that lead is added or removed from the corresponding campaign.

So far it is creating the Campaign Members with no issues, however, I can't get it to delete existing records when the checkboxes are updated.

These are the entry conditions: Start conditions 1

[Start Conditions 22

Then I decide whether the flow is going to create a campaign member or delete it: Getting Campaign Ids

These are the conditions for creating: Creating records and deleting deleting records

Then, for each branch I ask if the lead needs to be added or deleted from each campaign, a lead can be added or deleted from multiple campaigns at the same time: Decision branches

Focusing on the deletion branch, this is how I'm asking if a specific checkbox was unchecked: Asking if the APAC checkbox is False

And if that condition is met, I'm looking for the campaign member with that Lead and Campaign ID, and storing that ID in a collection variable

Get records to delete

I'm using that collection variable to store the campaign members of the 5 campaigns and then using a delete records element at the end of the flow to delete the records Deleting records

Since both branches are pretty similar, I guess the delete records part is the one that is not working, but I don't see how, I really appreciate any guidance.

This is how the delete records part is set up: enter image description here

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I just tried creating a flow and ran into the same issue. Here's an article detailing the known issue: https://issues.salesforce.com/issue/a028c00000j5k7MAAQ/record-triggered-flow-not-invoked-on-bulk-delete

I'll let you know if I find a resolution.


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