Trying do do something I've never done before!

I have a journey that is listening to SFDC and using Salesforce Data as its entry event. One of the fields I'm pulling from SFDC is Lead:Owner ID, and I'd really love to have the journey UPDATE that Owner ID in the DE created by the entry event progressively BEFORE each email in the journey is sent. So, journey would progress like this:

Entry event looks at SFDC data --> Journey sends first email --> Journey activity updates contact Lead:Owner ID in entry event DE with data from SFDC --> Journey sends second email --> Rinse and repeat

I saw a previous thread at the URL below about this, but couldn't get it to work. Has anyone else gotten the process below to work? How would I get the value that needs to go into the Update Contact activity in Journey Builder?

Data extension values in the "Update Contact" activity in Journey Builder


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