When implementing Inbox Messaging using MarketingCloudSDK iOS (v8.0.7), I have observed that when a Contact installs the app on a second device, previous sent messages are not available on the new device. For example:

  1. User installs app
  2. Device is registered for ContactKey
  3. Send inbox messages to device
  4. Messages are received in mobile app
  5. User deletes app and re-installs, or installs app on a second device (e.g. tablet)
  6. Device is registered for same ContactKey as per step 2

Result: Previous inbox messages are not available

Is this expected behavior? And if so, what is the solution to retrieve these messages?

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Working as expected. Sends are device specific and device identifiers do not persist an uninstall.

See your account representative regarding per-contact Inbox messaging.

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