1. The documentation says that data on the external system.
  2. Asynchronous operation is used to process\update these records


  1. Does this mean I can update Sobjects (custom and\or standard) using this method, will spawn\start a new transaction ? example, If Account trigger is updating the record, I want a bunch of other records (eg Contact) (large count which would hit the limits and break the account trigger transaction) to be updated and if I use updateAsync(sobjects) and pass the large count of Contact objects in the parameter, then it will create a new transaction for later object and the account's transaction will not be affected ?

Please ask me questions if you feel some confusion in the query :)

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The async methods (e.g. updateAsync) are only for External Objects. You can identify these objects because they will have a different suffix. Custom objects end with __c, such as My_Object__c, while an External Object ends with __x, as in My_External_Object__x. External Objects live on a third-party system and are updated via REST API calls from the Salesforce platform to the third-party service.

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