I am considering implementing a Custom Authentication provider to substitute for using the OOTB OAuth/OpenID Provider because I need to extract the id_token (in JWT format) from Okta but this is not possible with the OOTB Auth Provider. Can anyone confirm if this is possible if I implement a Custom Authentication Provider?

  • It's possible in some (but not all) OIDC flows where the callback to the plugin has the id_token as represented by AuthProviderCallbackState. Whether you've got one of these flows depends on the other party (the OP in OIDC lingo). Set it up and give it a shot.
    – identigral
    Sep 12, 2022 at 20:43

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Yes, I’ve successfully done similar using the Auth.AuthProviderPluginClass methods. You gain full implementation control, and the callback specifically where you can decompose the response into necessary parts and map them manually.


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    Your answers are very short and sweet, you should consider giving quite a bit more detail that answers the question, take the relevant content from the linked article and add it to your answer if this helps or provide a snippet of code. Most of your answer are very short yes they come close to helping, but consider the value of providing content that improves the site and helps the OP. Sep 13, 2022 at 10:01

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