for two days, i am trying to figure out parsing of following json.

        "name": "Czech Republic",
        "alpha2Code": "CZ",
        "alpha3Code": "CZE",
        "capital": "Prague",
        "subregion": "Central Europe",
        "region": "Europe",
        "regionalBlocs": [
                "acronym": "EU",
                "name": "European Union"
        "independent": false

My wrapper:

public with sharing class Countries_info {

    public String name;
    public String alpha2Code;
    public String alpha3Code;
    public String capital;
    public String subregion;
    public String region;
    public List<RegionalBlocs> regionalBlocs;
    public class RegionalBlocs {
        public String acronym;
    public static List<Countries_info> parse(String json) {
        return (List<Countries_info>) System.JSON.deserialize(json, List<Countries_info>.class);

And Retriever

public with sharing class Countries_Info_Retriever {

private static final String restcountries_URL = 'https://restcountries.com/v2/all?fields=name,alpha2Code,alpha3Code,capital,region,subregion,regionalBlocs';
private static final String Get = 'GET';
public static List<Countries_info> getCountriesData() {
    List<Countries_info> countriesInfo = new List<Countries_info>();
    Http httpCallout = new Http();
    HttpRequest req = new HttpRequest();

    HttpResponse countriesResponse = httpCallout.send(req);
    List<Countries_info> restcountriesResponse = Countries_info.parse(countriesResponse.getBody());

    for (Countries_info block : restcountriesResponse) {
        system.debug(block.name + ' ' + block.capital + ' ' + block.regionalBlocs.acronym);
    return countriesInfo;


and for the love of god, I can't figure out how to get to that acronym. I can print out the whole List(regionalBlocs). but can't access the acronym value.

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[] is a list of items, so you just need to access the zeroth index:


Alternatively, you can also loop over the regionalBlocs data:

for(Countries_info.RegionalBlocs regionalBloc: block.regionalBlocs) {
  system.debug(block.name + ' ' + block.capital + ' ' + regionalBloc.acronym);

This would get you all of the acronyms provided.

  • Thanks, I am so dumb :D the first version works fine. The 2nd will only get me access to regionalBloc.acronym, the others stays unreachable :-/
    – MatejN
    Sep 11 at 11:31

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