I have some annoying issue with scratch org management with Cumulus CI and your help will be appreciated very much.

I work with VS Code 1.71.0, sfdx-cli/7.166.1 win32-x64 node-v16.17.0, CumulusCI version: 3.64.0, Python version: 3.10.0.

There are lot of connected orgs of different kinds but one exact org is set by sfdx:config:set to be defaultusername and defaultdevhubusername, the same org is connected as a default persistent org of cci.

So when I run the cci command to create scratch org: cci org info dev it creates scratch org on some other DevHub that is not linked anyhow to the project.

Did anybody encounter the same issue?

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You almost certainly have a Dev Hub set as your project default. To confirm that, run cci service info devhub. If you do not receive a message stating

devhub is not configured for this project. Use service connect devhub to configure

you likely have a project-local Dev Hub, which might be left over from completing a Trailhead module.

To remove a local Dev Hub configuration, use the cci service remove:

$ cci service remove devhub NAME

You should see the name of your configured Dev Hub service (it may be default) in the output of cci service info devhub.

Disclosure: I am on the CumulusCI product team.

  • Thank you, David! You helped me a lot Sep 7, 2022 at 3:57

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