Course name, Duration, Course Fee, and category fields are all mandatory, but duration for (Java) picklist value under course name field should not be mandatory.

I have done this but still not working plz help.

AND(( INCLUDES (Course_Name__c , 'Java' ))
ISNULL(' Duration_In_Hours__c'))

(this code is error-free still no working)

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It doesn't work because you put the field name in quotes:

ISNULL(' Duration_In_Hours__c')

This is always false, because the parameter is a non-null string value.


INCLUDES(Course_Name__c,'Java') && ISNULL(Duration_In_Hours__c)

Use either AND(cond1,cond2,...,condN) or cond1 && cond2 && ... && condN, but not both at the same time.

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