My QA users have overfloaded the Developer Sandbox with 234 MB of files. I try to wipe all the content, however, looks like SOQL query doesn't return all the files even though I can see them in UI. I need to query content document which are shared with the current user on UI but not shared with the current user on the SOQL. How can I achieve that and wipe the content on the sandbox?

I tried to use the following code

    List<ContentDocument> content = [select id from ContentDocument WHERE ContentAssetId  = null];
    delete content;

However, it didn't help to wipe content.

Also, if I try to use USING SCOPE optional clause with allPrivate

Select Id, Title From ContentDocument USING SCOPE allPrivate

it fails with an error

[INVALID_QUERY_SCOPE] Invalid query scope: allPrivate

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There are several solutions.

  1. Refresh sandbox from production.

  2. Create a permission set QueryAllFiles and enabled checkbox Query All Files in App permissions section. Then rerun your code and it should work.

Also, created an idea about this.

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