We have developed a lightning aura component for desktop and mobile views. But we're not able to disable the Pull-To-Refresh feature, impacting the data loss. Is there any specific code to disable this feature from the mobile app?

    afterRender: function (component, helper) {
        var targetEl = component.find("mainContainer").getElement();
            true // we use capture!

Please help us resolve this asap as we have a timeline for production, we'll really appreciate your help

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Disable Pull To Refresh is officially supported for Aura and LWC since Summer 22.

Pull-to-refresh can be disabled by firing a CustomEvent in JavaScript, which you can do from both Lightning web components and Aura components


For LWC, there is documentation but I could not find any for Aura.

  • Thanks for the valuable response Christian, I have also gone through the document earlier, but only it's present for LWC. I want to do it on AURA COMPONENT, Please let me know if you get any more findings Commented Aug 8, 2022 at 17:03

The pull-to-refresh is a standard feature for Salesforce mobile app and there is no official functionality to prevent this behavior.

There is also an Idea logged for this feature request.

I checked that there is an internal investigation #W-9547355 logged with the concerned salesforce product team to have this functionality implemented. Please consider upvoting the idea so that this feature implementation can be prioritized.


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