While I am creating Quote Line records from the Flow. Where products are in the form of Bundle & configured Products. I have filled up the required by field on the child product Quote Line, but when I check in the Quote Line Editor, it is not showing both line records in the form of Product Hierarchies.

Can someone please suggest the required fields I am missing in Quote Line records? Please find the Flow Screenshot enter image description here

Note: When I have gone through with my research, it seems like it is happening due to the Number field on Quote Line Editor. QLI before adding Quote Line records(for Child Product Bundle) enter image description here

QLI after adding Quote Line records(for Child Product Bundle) enter image description here

  • I'm having the same need as you to have a flow create a quote and the related quote lines. I also have bundles with required options associated. My issue is that I've been trying for hours to associate the bundle and the related options, but im struggling. If a bundle is selected in the screen flow, only that product is selected on the quote line editor instead of that product + the options. From what I see in your post, you did a flow that managed to do all that, especially by filling the "required_by" field. Could you please tell me more about your flow and the elements you used to do that ?
    – shanon
    Dec 14, 2022 at 10:02

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The Entire Day I was figuring out the way, and finally, I got the way and worked fine. The Workaround worked for me, On Quote Line, I updated the Child Product SBQQ__Number__c Field as the same that we have on its Bundle Product, SBQQ__RequiredBy__c.

After that, it will auto-update the Quote Line Number Field. Please find the example here.

enter image description here

After Auto-Update Number enter image description here

Now, In Quote Line Editor enter image description here Thanks, Everyone to Support. Please share if you are having an optimal solution.

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