First some context:

I'm new to marketing cloud and what my organization wants to do is to take advantage of the profile and subscription management features without having to create a custom Subscription center. We want to be able to manage subscriptions for 5 Newsletters.

My first idea was modifying the Lead object to have a multiselect pick-list with the 5 Newsletter options, use web-to-lead to get that information into SF and then synchronize it with MC's Profile and Subscription center.

With help of the community, and using automation studio and data extensions I have the synchronization sorted out, however, the business have decided to change the acquisition method, so no more web to lead.

Now my idea is to use CloudPages and smart capture to get the subscriber's info as well as subscription preferences, store them in a DE and then create the leads through Journey builder. However, we still want to use the standard profile and subscription center with public lists.

So, the question is, is it possible to use the DE generated from the Cloud Page, And based on the multiselect pick list values, add the subscriber to one or more public lists (available through the standard subscription center)?

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    This seems like a patchwork solution, not very sustainable/scalable - did you think how you would synch any status changes back from publication lists to Salesforce?
    – zuzannamj
    Aug 4 at 7:10
  • Yes, we would compare the lists with a Leads synchronized DE via a SQL activity and overwrite a target DE that then will feed into a Journey that updates the fields in the corresponding lead. Aug 4 at 13:12


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