Is there a Way to use Account id as Subscriberkey in send relation for PersonAccount in Salesforce Data As Entry Event. While Selecting Account Object in salesforce Data I selected AccountId as Who but it is still taking PersonContactId as SubscriberKey in send relation in the DE that is being created by the journey. Can we use AccountID instead of PersonContactID. Because my All Subscriber List have AccountId already from the Audiences that I created from Sync DE and my org is using AccountId as Send Relation for all the StandardDE that I am using. Now it is creating dublicate whenever I am configuring a journey as Salesforce Data as Entry Source. Is there any solution for this?

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    that option does not exist. MC Connect treats only Lead, Contact, User as "people" so Journey builder will not let you inject anything else as "who" in a Salesforce Data Event. Aug 3 at 17:17


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