I've got pretty new repo and trying to deploy all of ExperienceBundle contents to scratch org. Always i get an error You seem to be missing the property **isLockerServiceEnabled** in Сourses Staging/config/mainAppPage.json But documentaton says that we are able to find that property only in sitename.json What i should check to be sure that repo is correct?

  • Is mainAppPage a Lightning component or Page? If so Can you check the API version of it. Aug 1, 2022 at 3:29

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I believe this is a bug either in the current metadata API version or in current SFDX version. I have this attribute In the source code for my Experience Bundle:

 "isLockerServiceEnabled" : true,

Then on making declarative changes and retrieving those changes in the Experience Bundle the attribute is removed.

If I try to safe the result (unmodified from what was just retrieved), then if fails with the error

You seem to be missing the property isLockerServiceEnabled in site_X/config/mainAppPage.json with component ID: ...

My solution for now is to add this line to each 'mainAppPage.json'.

"isLockerServiceEnabled" : true,

I will see if there is a suitable place to report the bug to get a comprehensive answer. I stumbled upon this post while looking.

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