I have Campaigns and Campaign Members created with an Eventbrite integration. I need an email sequence to go out via flow or manually with the Send List Email to the campaign members.

The merge fields are not merging. If I use Contact.FirstName, that will merge, but no Campaign fields. I created formula fields to the Campaign Member records to surface the Campaign info I need in the emails (event name, date, campaign name, venue address, etc.) and tried using CampaignMember merge fields from those and the data still doesn't merge in. Furthermore, if I use CampaignMember.FirstName, the name is blank also.

What am I missing here? I searched through questions here and saw that someone used CampaignMember fields which prompted my attempt to surface those fields. I also saw an article that says Campaign fields cannot merge in List Emails, but what about Campaign Member fields? Is there a workaround? Will they populate in flow?



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