I am updating old mobilePushSDK with new one.version 8.0.5.

 -(BOOL) configureMarketingCloudSDK {
    [SCServiceLogger sharedLogger].level = SCSLoggerLevelDebug;
    PushConfigBuilder * builder = [[PushConfigBuilder alloc]initWithAppId:appID];
    builder =  [builder setAccessToken:accessToken];
    builder =  [builder setMarketingCloudServerUrl:[NSURL URLWithString:appEndpoint]];
    builder =   [builder setMid:mid];
    builder =  [builder setDelayRegistrationUntilContactKeyIsSet:YES];
    builder =   [builder setInboxEnabled:YES];
    builder =  [builder setLocationEnabled:YES];
    builder =   [builder setAnalyticsEnabled:YES];
    PushConfig *pushConfig = [builder build];
    void (^completionHandler)(OperationResult) = ^(OperationResult result) {
           switch(result) {
               case OperationResultError:
               case OperationResultSuccess:
               case OperationResultTimeout:
    SFMCSdkConfigBuilder *configBuilder = [[SFMCSdkConfigBuilder alloc] init];
       configBuilder = [configBuilder setPushWithConfig:pushConfig onCompletion:completionHandler];
       [SFMCSdk initializeSdk:[configBuilder build]];
        [SFMCSdk.mp setDebugLoggingEnabled:YES];
        [SFMCSdk.mp setURLHandlingDelegate:self];
        [SFMCSdk.mp setEventDelegate:self];
return YES;

set the device token in didRegisterRemoteNotification method.

[SFMCSdk.mp setDeviceToken:deviceToken];

Please help me to initialise the SFMCSDK to get the push notification properly.

In the completion handler it is always giving "OperationResultTimeout" as an output.

Also, When I am trying to get device token it is nil, because SFMCSDK not initialise correctly.

Desire Output:- When Initialise the SDK then it should be jump in success result, but due to any mistake it is showing "OperationResultTimeout".

Please help!


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