I'm new to the topic of webhook and also apex, and I'm getting confused when you are making the setting in Salesforce and also the creation of the class.

  1. When you are placing the path in the class, is necessary to place/API/etc/etc or you can place a custom one like /mycustompath, and that's it? enter image description here
  2. For the settings in salesforce, in Site Label I tried to place different names, but it displayed that are already in use, this label searches on the internet for the name or in Salesforce? enter image description here
  3. What can be placed at the end of the Default web address? is needs to place the path that I type in the apex class or is it a specific one?

enter image description here

Can someone help me or explain to me how to make these initial steps for the Webhooks?


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It seems like you may be trying to set up a salesforce website and have it query your salesforce instance OR trying to create a rest api that can be queried outside? I'm not sure how that will enable webhooks for you.

If you are looking to set up webhooks from Salesforce, I assume you mean that you want to notify an EXTERNAL source when there is a change in Salesforce. You can set one up easily using this guide here: https://jamesward.com/2014/06/30/create-webhooks-on-salesforce-com/

You can also look at the github repo for this and see the exact implementation this person took.

One thing to note is that the approach lacks a bit of security verification though, if you're comfortable using a free managed solution for salesforce webhooks with a 1-click installation experience, check out Fusebit: https://developer.fusebit.io/docs/salesforce-events

DISCLAIMER: I work at Fusebit.

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