Requirement is to filter for report with multiple complaints for same customer. Added account as grouping by row but unable to filter the group count > 1 kinda of statement. How to achieve this in salesforce reports. I am looking for a simple Group by field having count > 1 sql statement... Unbelievable I have to post such a question as documentation is not available about this functionality. please help.

  • great idea & workaround for SF dev unability to provide this obvious enhancment [filter on record_count; unfortunately, as an end user, the odds of our organization SF admin ever approving/authorizing this workaround is near zero Commented Nov 11, 2023 at 18:31

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You can't do this with a report.

Refer the Idea

But you can certainly do this with a query.

Go to the Developer Console, click on the Query Editor tab, and enter the query as follows:

select count(id) CaeCount, accountid Id
from Case 
group by accountid
having count(id) > 1
  • Create a custom field Case_Count__c on Account
  • Use DLRS to roll up the Count of Cases to this field
    • Use Calculation Mode = Scheduled to run a one-time job to update all Accounts; then switch to Calculation Mode Realtime
  • Change your report filter to include on Accounts where Case_Count__c > 1

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