I have an Integer array using it as a ByteArray (It is a publicKey) [-33,103,-48,-46,113 .......]

How can I convert it to Blob using Apex?

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Apex doesn't have the notion of "byte arrays", unfortunately, so there's no one-liner that can do this. The best you can do if you start from this array would be something like:

Integer[] values = new Integer[]{-33, 103, -48, -46, 113, ...};
// Buffer
String[] hexValues = new String[0];
// Hex lookup
String[] hex = '0123456789abcdef'.split('');
for(Integer byteValue: values) {
    // Isolate bits 4-7: (240) 0xF0 is the mask
    // Divide by 16 (shift right 4 bits)
    Integer highNybble = (byteValue & 240) >> 4;
    // Isolate bits 0-3 (15) 0x0F is the mask
    Integer lowNybble = byteValue & 15;
    // Write high and low 
Blob result = EncodingUtil.convertFromHex(String.join(hexValues,''));

Not terrible, but if you can just take the key's hex output, you get a much more legible:

String publicKeyHex = 'df67d0d271...';
Blob publicKey = EncodingUtil.convertFromHex(publicKeyHex);
  • It works perfectly, I see, so hex values are easily converted to Blobs, I'll keep that in mind, Thank you @sfdcfox !
    – Holmes285
    Commented Jul 19, 2022 at 0:44

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