I would like to build a database for MobilePush which it will includes some information like AppName, MessageName, DateTimeSend, DeviceId, Status,....

After researching for a while, I found that "Push Message Detail" report is what I need. Unfortunately, the report only shows the data in maximum last 30 days, so the idea is to schedule running the report daily every 1 day to update the data then import it into a Data Extension.

The issue in this approach is I'm not sure which field can be used as the primary field. For example, PushJobId and RequestId can display more than 1 time if they were the batched sends.

I'm not sure how the report can identify unique records, there must be another field? Please give me some advice. Thanks.

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You can set the composite primary key to include the following fields:

  • PushJobId
  • DeviceId
  • ContactKey
  • DateTimeSend
  • OpenDate

PushJobId and DeviceId may not be enough because the pushSent and PushOpen happen at different time.


"The Push Message Detail Report does not have a unique identifier for the records it contains"

This is what Salesforce support confirmed to me.

So in this case, we can combine between PushJobId and DeviceID as a primary Id (or combine between RequestId and DeviceID) since a job only sends to a device one time (this also what they confirmed to me)

Therefore the DE which using as the import destination supposes to work as a staging DE.

The automation will be something like this:
File transfer -> Import activity (to the staging DE) -> Query activity (combine to create the primary key and populate to the main DE)

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