I have a role Sales Manager. The sub roles of Sales Manager are Sales Rep A and Sales Rep B. The records created by Sales Rep A user and B user are seen by Sales Manager. It is done by Role level Hierarchy. The Sales Manager can able to view and Edit the Sales Rep records. How can I give permission to Sales Manager only view and not edit access to sales reps records.

Things I have done : The Org wide default for the Object is Private . Checked the Grant Access Using Hierarchies checkbox. Though the Sales Manager is able to edit the sub role records. Where I am going wrong? Can someone help me on this?

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Step 1. Go to sharing settings > edit > Disable option "Grant Access using hierarchies Step 2. can Assign same permission set as Sales rep A and B


The role hierarchy automatically grants record access to users above the record owner in the hierarchy.

As you mentioned the Sales Rep A and Sales Rep B are under Sales Manager role and you have enabled Grant Access Using Hierarchies checkbox . As in the hierarchy Sales Manager is higher so it gets all the access of the records of lower roles and the functionality is working as expected.

Please find the below article for the same

If you dont want the access to the higher roles you may need to uncheck the Grant Access Using Hierarchies checkbox.

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