I'm trying to add a Lookup Field where I try to populate the current Record from where I try to start the screen flow. I tried various ways to fill it but it is not filling up. Below is my screen element. enter image description here

I tried using the Flow.CurrentRecord as well as a create a separate Resource and try to fill the value from there both of which fails to get filled. Below is the Resource Input_Account. enter image description here

The Reason why I create this way is I try to set a Lookup field which the user can change if he doesn't want to fill like that.

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are you picking up the recordid variable in the flow?

  • Create a variable with the data type of text
  • Name it recordId
  • Select Available for input - this allows you to reference the variable when editing a lightning page.

Like explained here: https://www.levelupsalesforce.com/get-current-record-id-in-flow

I don't think you need to assign it to CurrentRecord. Just create the recordId variable and use it to populate the Proposal_Account field.

  • It didn't work for my flow and I don't know why. So I created a new one using the same concept and it worked. Thanks Jul 12, 2022 at 14:24

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