after looking at this Is it possible to package Experience Builder Pages

I am not sure about the "component type" to search, while creating a managed package, for these pages to add to the package ( I mean for the exported pages from the above screen)?

so in general, what are the next steps while creating managed package to include components.

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Exporting a digital experience bundle's page, as mentioned in the referenced Q&A answer by Mohith turns it into a flexipage, named something like Experience_Name_Page_Name.

When installed (or otherwise available) on the org, the experience builder allows you to create new "standard" pages based on the flexipage. Here's an example where I exported the "Home" page:

The "New" Home Page available when creating a new standard page

  • thanks, Phil this helps, also can you please suggest how I can take a copy of all Experience builder configuration /community configuration ( pages/navigation/user access to pages(manage audience) /other community settings etc.,) in the managed package... instead of recreating or re-doing all the community-related..
    – user117032
    Jul 9 at 14:10
  • Putting it in a managed package is something Salesforce recommended strongly against trying. However, you could use an unlocked package approach like I cover here.
    – Phil W
    Jul 9 at 15:53

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